JPGL sponsors WMX Conference 2022

JPGL had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring The World Mail and Express Americas Conference (WMX) in Miami.

The annual conference brings together a wide range of industry leaders from North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. Providing a fantastic platform for those in the logistics business to share ideas and strategies and to network with industry peers, WMX is a forum for key decision makers to discuss strategy and track developments in a fast-changing sector of international business. The conference’s showcase exhibition enables industry suppliers to demonstrate the latest in product innovations and developments that aid the industry in progression and development.

The aim of the WMX conference 2022, was to explore the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the post and parcel industry, with a focus on the continuous challenges presented by crossing borders, and how we can work together to build a sustainable future. As premium sponsors of the event JPGL were at the forefront hosting the opening event and led several discussions throughout the conference.

Innovation in the last mile

David McGrath, Group Marketing Director, led a discussion on innovation in last mile delivery, exploring the increasing demand for faster deliveries, low-cost operations, shifting customer behaviours and how the industry is reacting to the ever-increasing demands. With the rise in eCommerce, crowdsourcing apps and sameday delivery, the last-mile sector has taken on various pressures and challenges, making it an industry primed for disruption.

The cross-border challenge

Our Group Chief Executive Officer, Tim Brown, conducted a discussion focussed on the challenges of cross-border logistics and how it continues to grow almost as rapidly as eCommerce. Online sales have skyrocketed due to the lack of physical presence, as well as shops and warehouses closing down. With the new normal, the eCommerce economy is believed to rise by 22% by 2023 and it will require advanced cross-border solutions to cope with customers’ demands. The WMX conference provides a valuable platform to build JPGL into a robust, interconnected network across the globe to ensure that we can continue to meet the changing demands of our local and international customers. It was the perfect place to introduce the business on a global scale, and open connections for future business opportunities.