Send letters in bulk with our LetterMax products. Our extensive range of services provide customers with a simple solution for their global bulk letter sending needs, for any light documents, brochures, or letters up to 2kg.


Send letters in bulk with Economy for our lowest cost, simple untracked solution to help you reach customers around the world.

Economy destinations and delivery times.


Send letters in bulk with Value for a reliable, timely and cost-effective, untracked worldwide service.

Value destinations and delivery times.


Send letters in bulk with Premium for end-to-end tracking, proof of delivery where offered, and optional compensation.

Premium destinations and delivery times.


Our cost-effective international solution for the distribution of your publications to readers around the world.

Publication destinations and delivery times.


For more information

For more information on our bulk letter sending and mailing formats, please view our LetterMax info sheet here. For our Publication service please click here.

Please note: no goods or merchandise may be sent using the LetterMax services, only documents. For the posting of goods and merchandise, please see our ParcelMax services.

Download the latest delivery times and destinations below;

Economy service

Value and Premium services

Publication service